How to change password for our Remote Desktop Login?

To change your password via a remote desktop connection (RDP or RDC) press Ctrl+Alt+End once you are logged into the server, or Control+Option+Delete if you are a Mac OS X user. Select “Change a password” from the menu and then fill out the form.


Keypad (data terminal) is giving an error. How to restore the original settings?

Occasionally due to electromagnetic interference, a Data Terminal may lose its default bias setting and may not boot up as PASSED when you plug it in. If this happens, do the following:

  1. Unplug (remove the cable) the Data Terminal.
  2. Plug in (connect the cable back) the Data Terminal while simultaneously pressing ‘A’, ‘SHIFT’, and the ‘Right button on the ENTER key.’ (Please note that the ENTER key on the Data Terminal has two buttons underneath).
  3. The Data Terminal will prompt you to ‘LOAD DEFAULTS’ F1-YES F5 – NO
  4. Press ‘A.’ (A is a substitute for F1).

The Data Terminal will go through a self-test. When finished, the Data Terminal displays a ‘Passed’ message.


I have changed a PPH package, now the pre-paid hours consumed (PPHConsumedToday) are not showing.

Pre-paid hours are consumed out of a PPH package when attendance is entered. If you change or delete and reenter a package then the consumed hours are not recalculated automatically and so they may get out of synch.

You can however recalculate the consumed hours as follows:

  • Click on the Attendance Tab to open the Individual Attendance Form.
  • Go to the date when the concerned package started (Package Start Date).
  • Edit the Time In of that first day. (Change Time In by 1 minute.)

Now, the consumed hours for that package will be recalculated.


How to set up Brother Label Printer (QL-710W) for check-in tickets?

Click here to download the instructions with screenshots or follow the steps below:

A. Reinstall the iCare Android Label Printer App
We shouldn’t be needing to reinstall it again but just to eliminate the possibilities let’s do it.
1. From Settings go and uninstall it.
2. Then from the Downloads area, install it.
3. Open it.
4. When asked enter the URL ‘[Your Lobby URL].icaresoftware.com’
It should say that ‘Your device is registered’
B. Device Settings
1. Open the iCare Android Label Printer App.
2. Tap on Device Settings.
3. Tap on Printer Settings.
4. Tap on Printer Model and select QL_710W.
5. Tap on Printer and select Brother QL_710W.
6. Tap on Paper size and select W62.
7. Tap on Back two times.
C. Set up and use Lobby
1. Open your Browser.
2. If the Lobby is already running, click on Close Lobby and close it as prompted.
4. Click on […]. Make sure it is set to
        – Tablet Printer
        – Printer width 2.4″
        – Print check-in and check-out ticket
5. If any of these settings are not set then as a safety measure remove the cookies from the tablet, as follows:
        – In your Browser tap on the 3-bars icon in the upper right corner
        – Go to Settings
        – Go to Privacy and security
        – Tap on ‘Clear all cookie data’
        – Tap on back-arrow to come out of the Settings
6. Enter your supervisor password and tap on Open Lobby.
7. Enter a parent’s password.
8. Tap on Check In.
9. Tap on Print Ticket.

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